Build your own Speaker.

Numa Colors is the first Bluetooth speaker that everyone can build. Step by step.

Create with Numa Colors

At numa colors we believe that everything, including science should be fun and understandable. Now build a speaker will be really simple.
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    Electronic basic, audio filters, sound physics. Learn with fun

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    Follow the guide, build easy.

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    Want more bass? More precision? Plug components. Play your sound


For every part we chose the best

Numa Colors is conceive around amazing Dayton Audio's loudspeaker. They provide a large beautifull warm sound
25W powerfull stereo audio amp.
4800Mah li-ion battery inside. More than 10H of autonomy
Bluetooth. Support audio streaming from any device, mobile, tablet or computer.
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For each question there is an answer. A quick selection down there
Taking your time, the average time of build is around 3 hours. Even if you don't know anything about electronic.
Yes. The aim of Numa Colors is to make it possible without any prerequisites.
Everything is inside the box, from super-glue to audio amp. You only need scissors
Absolutely. Numa Colors is easy to build and could reveal a new vocation to your kid.
Yes. One of the advantages about building your own speaker is that you know exactly how to replace it. You can keep it for years
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